Understanding HopeCard

Complete your Web3 experience with HopeCard, where your digital assets take over the real-world.

What is HopeCard?

Welcome to HopeCard, your gateway to connect with the world of cryptocurrency spending. HopeCard brings you a transaction experience with popular cryptocurrency prepaid cards in the market. In the first phase, we have developed and present to you the HopeCard virtual card. Just activate your card online to embark on your spending journey. Our Features:

  • Accepted Everywhere: Visa Platinum Experience at over 80 million merchants worldwide, online and offline.

  • Spend-to-Earn: Earn $LT rewards with every purchase.

  • Secure and Trustworthy:Regularly audited to guarantee the utmost safety of your assets.

  • Exclusive Community Benefits: Special benefits for LT & veLT holders

How Does HopeCard Work?

HopeCard simplifies how you manage and use cryptocurrency funds. Here's a brief overview of how it operates:

  • Convenient top up: Users simply top up crypto to their HopeCard account and they can spend them.

  • Real-time Conversion: The cryptocurrency deposited is converted into fiat currency for transactions in the crypto world.

  • Convenient Spending: With HopeCard, you can shop online and offline just like using traditional payment cards.


Using HopeCard for card payments will earn you cashback (credits), and reward points (can be redeemed for $LT). This is our way of giving back to you. Moreover, if you invite friends to use HopeCard, you will also receive certain reward points when they active their cards.

Our rewards incentive mechanism is designed to encourage active user participation and sharing of this convenient payment method with friends.

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