HopeCard Fees

Card Activation Fee

The Card Activation Fee refers to the administration fee on the issuance or reissuance of our HopeCard, and is waived for first-time applicants of the Genesis Card. However, there is a reissuance fee of $20 required for every card replacement.

Annual Fee

The Annual Fee refers to the annual fee charged to HopeCard cardholders for the management and maintenance of their accounts. The Annual Fee of Genesis Card is currently at $20 per year, with an annual cycle of 365 days. The first-year fee is charged upon card activation and the annual cycle commences on the same day.Users are required to top-up in order to receive a credit limit, where a minimum top-up amount is required for the first top-up to ensure a smooth user experience.

In appreciation of our users for choosing our card and to enhance user experience, HopeCard will periodically introduce fee-waiver promotions. Please refer to the latest event for more information.

Conversion Rate

The Conversion Rate refers to the fee incurred during the conversion of crypto assets to the settlement currency for any repayments.

The Genesis Card currently settles with USD, with a standard Conversion Rate of 2.1%. The Conversion Rate is consistent across all account levels, where each account level has a different rebate ratio, and is subjected to amendments by the operating platform.For more details, please refer to Account level & Benefits.

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