HopeCard Rewards

HopeCard rewards exist in the form of points, and currently, these points can be exchanged for $LT (Light Token). Users can withdraw LT rewards to their Web3 wallets as they see fit.

$LT (Light Token) is a crucial token within the HOPE ecosystem, primarily designed to incentivize liquidity providers across the entire HOPE ecosystem. The aim is to attract as many users as possible to participate in the governance of the HOPE ecosystem. For more details, please refer to $LT Basics.

Points in HopeCard

How to Earn Points

HopeCard offers points as rewards for the following activities:

  • Spending

  • Inviting new users and complete the card activation process

Points Distribution Rules

  • Accumulation of Points

Points earned by users come with a one-month freezing period before they can be used.

  • Points Redemption

Users can exchange their accumulated points, which can currently only be used to redeem $LT. Once the points are unfrozen, they can be exchanged for $LT. When redeeming $LT, the system will convert your points into $LT based on the real-time exchange rate and send them to the provided receiving address.

How to Earn More Reward Points

Users can increase their consumption rewards and referral rewards percentages by upgrading their card levels, thus earning more reward points.

Users can also lock their received $LT within the relevant blockchain protocols within the Hope ecosystem to earn up to 2.5 times the base yield.

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